Elevator for JIRA

Smart Issue Assignment for Teams

On-Call Rosters & Issue Escalation

Intelligent Work Distribution

On-Call Rosters & Issue Escalation

  • Respond to incidents quickly, communicate effectively.
  • Create flexible on-call rosters, ensure your issues can always be escalated to the right person.
  • Tiered on-call rosters with automated re-escalation ensures incidents are never missed
  • Configure team shifts for complex on call schedules across the globe

Intelligent Work Assignment for Service Teams

  • Increase efficiency. Automatically optimise the workload for your service teams.
  • Evenly distribute work, or target work to a subset of the team. Elevator for JIRA will automatically assign issues to the correct team member.
  • Seamlessly transition across support teams working in multiple timezones.
  • Automatically reassign unacknowledged issues with a configurable timeout.


  • Everyone involved is notified of updates immediately via email, Atlassian HipChat, Slack and webhooks.
  • Users can configure their own individual notification settings, and action events from within their notifications
  • Notify teams with messages to group rooms and channels
Hipchat, Slack, email and webhooks

Automate Your Service Management

  • Integrate Elevator for JIRA with JIRA Service Desk Automation. Create custom rules to automatically escalate high severity incidents, or auto-assign incoming service requests for your helpdesk
  • Incorporate Elevator for JIRA into your own custom workflows with our JIRA workflow actions
JIRA Service Desk Automation